If you have duplicated shells for exchange, contact us

Here you have our terms of exchange

» We are only interested in top quality shells (from F++ to G)
» We look for series of at least 5 specimens of each species with uniform sizes. Smaller series can be exchanged
if uncommon species are involved
» We only accept shells fully cleaned (inside and outside)
» We only admit fully documented shells (including description of their habitats)
» Exchanges will be made by using species lists valued in euros
» Once we study your exchange list, we will mail ours
» Exchange lists from neither European nor Mediterranean countries will have priority
» Postal expenses will be included in the exchange valuation

» When you select shells from our exchange list, better try to make a wantlist with a value at least
30% higher than the value of shells you sent us. Thereby we can adjust it according to our stock variations
» We will send your requested shells after the receipt and review of your parcel

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