terms of sale

Terms of sale

Making an order on this website constitutes acceptance by the customer of these legal conditions:

» Our shells
1. All our shells are high quality, being over F++ condition. In the few cases in which a shell shows a lower quality, this will properly indicated in its store entry.
2. All our shells will be delivered along with a label where a detailed scientific description is shown. This information includes family, scientific name, author and year of description, locality and country of collection, collector, date of collection and a brief habitat description.
When shells come from any of our international suppliers, we can not guarantee that information about habitat description is available.
3. Pictures of shells displayed in our online store represent "type" specimens for each species on sale. Usually shells that customers will receive are different from the "type" specimens. The differences will depend on the variability range of each taxa (intraspecific polychromatism and polymorphism).
4. Each product shows the number of specimens available. When quantity is not showed, 10 or more specimens of the product are available.
5. Our prices do not include postage.

» Orders
. Ordering can be done by adding shells in the shopping basket on our store, by email or by using our contact form.
For of orders by email, you must prepare a list (Word or Excel) with the names of the species and their references and send it to info@iberus-shells.com, indicating your preferred payment system. In short, you will receive an email indicating the final amount of your order, including postage and data necessary to make the payment.
2. To register on our store, you can fill your cart and then follow the easy instructions you will receive, or you can use the option "My account" in the INFORMATION section on the left column of the store. You can also access to registration by clicking HERE
3. The minimum order (shipping not included) is 50 euros.
4. We reserve shells for a maximum time of 3 days. If no payment has been made during this time, shells will no longer be reserved and will become part of our stock again.

» Shipping
1. Once the order has been made, we´ll contact with the customer within 48 hours in order to confirm the shipping of the ordered shells and give the tracking number so customers can make their own parcel tracking in the corresponding postal services.
2. Unless the customer ask for a particular postal company or a particular shipping method, we use the Spanish postal service (Correos España www.correos.es) and ordinary (not urgent) registered airmail.
3. Our postage rates are the following:

Postage for Spain
0-500gr - 7€
500-1000gr - 10€
1000-2000gr - 12€

Postage for European countries

0-500gr - 12€
500-1000gr - 19€
1000-2000gr - 26€

Postage for non European countries
0-500gr - 15€
500-1000gr - 26€
1000-2000gr - 42€

4. We are not responsible for damages due to handling and transport by postal services.
5. We are not responsible for any additional taxes applied by local customs.

» Payment and fees
1. We accept Paypal, bank transfer and Western Union.
2. Paypal is our preferential way of payment. Remind that Paypal let you make payments through credit and debit cards and bank transfers from your accounts. If you choose this way of payment, you won´t pay any commission.

Gráficos de soluciones

3. Let us know if you want a different method of payment. We´ll study it.
4. All orders have to be paid in advance.
5. Customers will assume the fees involved in the selected payment method. These fees will be previously calculated and included in the final shipping value, along with the postal expenses.
6. For payments in a currency different from euro, we will apply the valid conversion rates published by the European Central Bank.
7. About IBERUS SHELLS bank or Paypal details email us for more information.

» Returns
1. Customers have 10 working days from order receipt to return IBERUS SHELLS any shell.
2. If customers prefer, when a return occurs, the option of transforming the economic amount involved in a "ticket " for a later order is available.
3. The purchased product may be returned in the following cases: accidentally shipping of a different product than requested, breakage or poor product .
4. The deterioration or breakage due to handling of shells by the customer (unpacking included) are not attributable to this site. We recommend extreme caution when opening our parcels and unpacking or handling our shells.
5. To return any shell, the customer must notify us in advance. Shells must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered, keeping the original packaging or using other as similar as possible.

» Discounts
1. Orders between 250 and 499 euros (postage and payment fees not included) will have a discount of 10%
2. Orders between 500 and 999 euros (postage and payment fees not included) will have a discount of 15%
3. Orders at or above 1000 euros (postage and payment fees not included) will have a discount of 20%
Not applicable to sections of monthly specials, sea shells, posters and photographic plates.

» Dealers orders

1. Wholesale orders from any dealer will be a minimum of 500 euros.
2. The discounts for these orders are the same showed before.
3. We´ll only attend orders from dealers that commit to sell our shells in their websites and stores at a value never lower than ours.

» Privacy
1. IBERUS SHELLS has a very strict privacy policy. The received personal information won´t be given to third parties.
2. According to the the provisions of Law 15 /99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and the implementing regulations, customers may request that their personal information are removed from our database.
3. The treatment and management of customer data complies with the provisions of Real Decreto 994/1999 of 11 June 11 about the regulations on security measures for automated files containing personal data.
4. According to the Spanish law on data protection, data logging of our customers aims to streamlining the purchasing and shipping process, keeping them informed of any incident on their purchases and be informed about new contents, offers and special discounts we think may be of their interest.
5. Customers have the right to access information from our files where their personal data can be easily modified, rectified or canceled.

» Ethics code
1. Our company operates according to the legal requirements established by the competent authorities .
2. All shells shown in this site have been collected according to an estrict ethics code.
3. Our sampling methods do not involve any danger neither for molluscs nor their habitats. When we visit any natural area, we avoid to disturb local fauna and flora or damage any microenvironment so just try to leave everything as it was before arriving.
4. We do not sell species included in CITES regulation.

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